Hello everyone! my name is Edgar and I am a landscape photographer from Panama. I started my journey in photography around 2011 when I had the weird idea of buying my first digital camera myself. I remember it was a Kodak EasyShare of 10 megapixels that I got with the noble intention of doing astrophotography since I'm also an astronomy lover only to find out it wasn't good enough, after that I started pointing my camera to earth instead and soon enough found out a whole new way of seeing that just captivated my mind, man that was it! I had finally found the perfect link between my love for nature and the possibility of having a profession that would allow me to spend as much time as I could out in the wilderness. To me landscape photography has been an eye opening experience that allowed me to appreciate simple things I never did before like clouds, a sunset or just places in nature, these are things I would have never really appreciated or perhaps not as much without a camera, for that I'm grateful and I hope I can inspire you also to get out and start your own journey as well.
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